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Leading Cosmetic Dentistry based in Florida offering Cosmetic Dental Services, Dental Implants, Dental Bridges, Dental Care, porcelain veneers, restorative dentistry, teeth whitening and oral heath care services across USA
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More on Essential Oils
by: Dental Assistant Team

Some of you are familiar with essential oils already, and some maybe have heard about essential oils but don't know much of them. So I thought I should share some basics information from what I know and also what I like about essential oils.

I was introduced to essential oils a few years ago. I had heard about them a lot, but had very little knowledge on how to use them and how they actually have tremendous health benefits on our lives.

Essential oils are a highly concentrated liquid distilled from either leaves, stems, bark or seeds from various plants and trees.

They all have a distinct aroma, sometimes very strong depending on concentration of the plant in question.

Their scent is what attracted me to them at first. Imagine: the scent in essential oils are 100 to 10 000 times more concentrated than in herbs! So they smelled strong and they smelled good, but how could they help on a therapeutic level...

So why, and how, do we use Essential oils?
You can use put a drop on your wrist or behind your ears and use it as perfume. Or even use it around the house. Essential oils can be diffused, or use them as home freshener. Put a few drops in a spray bottle with distilled or purified water and let the pleasure of the fresh scent surround your home. Chemical free!

Topical use is mostly recommended on the bottom of your feet. At least when you just start using essential oils. Our skin absorbs the oil and it gets through our bloodstream, distributing the health benefits each individual oil has to offer. Since the pores on our feet are larger it is very good location to apply essential oils.

As you get more involved with essential oils you might want to learn different techniques that will help with certain conditions. You will learn different methods such as the raindrop technique, or various emotional release, follow specific protocols to achieve the desired results.

Essential oils are widely used in massages. When used as part of a massage the essential oils are often diluted. Essential oils are a great complement to a massage as they give a sense of relaxation and immediate feeling of comfort. It is important to note that some oils are sensitive to light, some can irritate your skin, and some need to be diluted because they are considered "hot". Make sure you have guidance before applying oils that are new to you.

Another way to use essential oils is to use them internally. I just recently started to take some oils internally to soothe some digestive issues and help with some immune deficiencies.

I was already drinking my water with a few drops of citrus (either lemon to remain in an alkaline state, lime or orange for a nice twist), but now I ingest essential oils in a vegetable capsule form a few times a day. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and finding with the essential oils capsules in one of my next articles.

The reason I chose to use essential oils to help with my discomfort is because their healing powers. Many medications mimic the properties of these natural oils and are manufactured in mass with strong chemicals. I wanted to give this alternative healing method a try.

I want to insist that before you decide to use essential oils for therapeutic purposes you should consult with your physician, and have an exam performed to uncover any allergies you might not be aware of. You should also do your research and make sure you choose 100% therapeutic grade oils ONLY.

You will want to make sure the ingredients in it were harvested properly as well as distilled in a low pressure, low temperature process meeting all of the international purity and potency standards.

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If you have any questions regarding this post, contact us at: 561-265-1998 , one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Article date: Oct. 21 2013

Type: Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

Location: Boca Raton - Palm Beach County


  • Essential Oils
  • Health Benefits
  • Perfume
  • Distilled
  • Skin
  • Bloodstream
  • Raindrop Technique
  • Emotional Release
  • Massages
  • Healing Powers
  • Medications
  • Alternative Healing
  • Physician

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